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  • Our unique lightweight landing craft range


  • Our ultra lightweight inflatable tender range


  • Our most portable, long and sleek, inflatable fishing kayak

  • True Kit inflatables are lightweight, stable and fast to set up


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  • portable inflatable dinghy - 6


  • Our carefully selected accessories to match with the Discovery

  • Ready for Discovery Package


  • Useful accessories are bundled in with our Navigator tender

  • The incredibly stable True Kit Navigator can handle people standing up in the boat


  • QuickLok Dinghy Wheels are built strong from marine grade stainless steel




  • removable rod holder - 4


  • Permatrim Performance Foil


  • True Kit Reviews

    Based on 329 reviews
    True Kit Bimini
    Jackie M
    Durable, sturdy Bimini top!

    The Bimini top fits beautifully onto my Discovery 2.8. You can tell that a lot of thought went into its construction and design, as the ropes, cleats, and clips all fit exactly as they are supposed to and create an extremely sturdy top. I’m so glad that I ordered it—it will give me shade and protection on the hottest of days. I mount a solar panel to my 1103 Torqeedo motor and the bimini supports it with no problem. I’ve also tried it in ripping winds—this top holds up great. Highly recommend for an enhanced boating experience.

    Greenline boat owner

    We wanted a tender for our hybrid boat that would run well with an electric outboard. True Kit found me on social media and impressed with innovation and responsive sales support. Our new navigator arrived a week after ordering and was easy to set up and inflate the first time. Looking forward to her taking us ashore.

    Quick lok dingy wheels.

    Quality bit of kit.
    Excellent design. Works flawlessly.

    Received new Navigator and itlooks very nice.

    I haven't had time to test it yet. But it's inflated at hanging there nicely in the davits of my sailboat :-) I'll send you som photoes later. Thanks for good service!

    What a fun boat

    We purchased the True Kit to take along with us when we travel in the motorhome. We live on a lake so we decided to go ahead and use it until we headed out traveling again. What a lot of fun. Our kids and grandkids love it. It draws a crowd wherever we go and people are always asking where we got it. Delivery was amazing as we would have gotten it to Missouri in two weeks had it not be awaiting customs. This is a high quality boat and we couldn't be happier with our purchase.

    This boat is PERFECTION

    I have taken my Discovery 2.8 (with the Bimini top) out in high winds and choppy waters with 1-2 additional adults on board. We are amazed by the stability of the boat while on the water, as well as when leaving and entering the boat from the water itself or a dock. The boat tolerates rougher waters with ease. My only regret now is not purchasing a larger Discovery—maybe next year ;)

    quicklock kit

    after viewing several.videos and websites on transome wheels from the internet, i narrowed down to 2. true kit and beachmaster. i choose true kit as its just 2 steps action clicking it to the studs and press down. the beach masters have action ..clicking and 4 levers to lock. its abit worrying when comes to drilling and location on the transome, but manage to get around this. mine is made from 1.2mm pvc and total weight is heavy with outboards and equipments, the beach sands where i live is grainy super soft , the wheels digs in. i have no complains about the product and its build quality compared to some others. its abit pricy but worth it.

    Great tender for us and our bikes

    We needed a tender with enough stability and room to get us and our electric bikes to and from shore easily. We just tried our True Kit Navigator 300 and it is perfect for this. It performed well with our Torqeedo Traveler 1003.

    True Kit Discover 4m - My New Baby.

    I was very impressed with the support True Kit gave me during the purchase/after care process. True Kit responded very quickly during the purchase process and once the product arrived I thought the response would be slow, but I was mistaken if anything they were quicker with the response.

    Once I commited to the purchase True Kit were quick to quality control and send the discovery. I have bought online products in the next suburb that took loner than it took for me to receive my Discovery 4m.

    The how to manual and support videos made setting up a breeze and cannot wait to get on the water and show it off. I have not seen this type of boat in the waters I fish but I reckon True Kit will get a lot more orders when I am seen on the water.

    Thank you for a great experience


    Captains package

    Really like the captains package, highly recommend. Great service from Fergus. Made all the difference. Thank you.

    Great boat, great company

    Product is top quality. My purchase had to go through customs and True Kit was great at getting it through (my man Fergus). Appreciate all the customer service, way above and beyond!

    Discovery Model 330 Racing Red

    My wife and I assembled our True kit Discovery in our garage to get a feel for how it goes together. Two hours later we mastered the assembly I might add the the cup holder took about 30 minutes and Velcro for oars another 30. If you are looking for quality look no further True Kit has most other inflatables beat. We have a Montana RV and go to Key West every year staying at Sigsbee Naval Base Our new inflatable will enable us to better fish, explore and cruise mallory Square where other inflatables are docked. Thank you for all your testing to produce possibly the worlds best inflatable landing craft. John and Ann in Virginia

    So far so good!

    Haven’t had a chance to get it in the water yet but blew it up on deck and first impressions are excellent! The simple/quick release air valves are refreshingly easy compared to previous dinghies I’ve owned, and it’s nice that the pump comes with a gauge. So far so good!

    Discovery 2.8

    We received our Discovery2.8some 2 weeks ago. The quality is amazing, after having numerous inflatables with glued semes that always seemed to be coming apart the welded semes look far more robust . It is extremely rigid and easy to assemble and pump up ,It tows very well behind our sail boat as we use it as a tender ,the only issue so far is the seat does not lock in very well and has come out several times and appears to close to the rollock position for easy rowing . The wheel accessories work really well and are well engineered easy to fit and remove the well placed lift rings are great and allow me to hoist with pulleys for storage in my garage .So further work on the seat would give this 5 stars in my opinion . Roger

    Can’t Stop Playing with my Dinghy!

    This is admittedly an early review of my Truekit Navigator 300. We took it out just once but had such a great time that I’m able to give it 5 stars. A friend and I were able to very quickly inflate the dink and strap it to the top of my Subaru. We drove down to the cove and loaded it up with 4 adults plus a 3hp equivalent electric outboard. 4 adults is completely doable for tendering purposes, but maybe a bit tight for a day out of the water. That said, she moved beautifully through the water and caught the eye of my neighbor who literally said “yeah I need to get me one of these.” The only feedback I’d give TrueKit is that I wish it came with a plaque that hung off the side for registration info. We painted the numbers on which felt a little rough, mostly because the design is so cool! Gonna have a great Summer here in Maine.

    Suck a cool set up

    Waiting on our bigger engine but have had a play with a little 3hp and it is super responsive and easy to skirt around.

    Is heavier tan expected so definitely a 2 person lift.

    Excited to use on our lap of aus

    True Kit Bimini
    Andrew Lipsett
    True Kit Bimini

    I ordered up the bimini; live in BC, Canada and received it in 10 days! Paid the GST and PST. We got a chance to take it out 10 days ago on a scorching hot day and it was wonderful. The quality is very high end and it was simple to put together and to put up. We went in one direction at trawling speed for about 1.5 hrs and we could tilt it back for better sun protection coverage. I squared it up when we were going to zip back and there was zero buffeting or flapping. This is mounted on a Discovery 4M. I recommend this bimini

    Premium Seat Bag
    Paul Davies

    Thanks great


    I absolutely love my new TRUE KIT DISCOVERY 400!!! It’s so light and easy to throw in and get to the lake.

    Quality Kit

    A quality bit of kit, far superior to another brand on the dinghy being replaced

    This is the best fold up small tender on the market (I’ve tried heaps) it’s an incredibly stable platform..
    I’m looking forward to launching it in seconds versus craning down my large Rib..
    And then getting it back up top in sloppy sea conditions..
    Cruising the QLD offshore islands just got a whole lot easier..

    Premium Seat Bag
    John Frost
    Premium seat bag

    It’s wonderful water tight too

    Maiden Voyage

    I purchased the Discovery 330 because we camp, and while I can put my kayak in the bed of my pickup and go fishing, I can't take my wife on the kayak.....and you can't tow a camper and a boat!!! I took the Discovery on her maiden voyage yesterday to a favorite fishing hole. Well, it took me 58 minutes to set up and 36 minutes to break it down and pack up; it didn't look near as good as its original packing! Now that I know what I'm doing, and I bring a lot of add-on gear, I'm sure I'll knock off some time setting her up.
    I powered it with a 55 thrust Mini Kota, complete with three blade prop and rudder upgrades. I was zippy and turned even tighter than my kayak.....a lot tighter. I stood and fished several times and felt very steady, and I wasn't cramped like in my kayak. Got some wind and waves later in the day and could feel the water passing beneath; she glided right along, no worries.
    I inflated the Discovery with a rechargeable pump, and was very impressed with how quickly it inflated. Next time I will use the deflator feature on the electric pump to get more air out, but yesterday I used the pump sent with the boat; I gave each tube about 50 pumps or so.....not enough to facilitate a tighter packing, to be sure.
    All in all, I'm terribly happy with the boat from start to launch; I appreciate that you folks answered some critical questions of mine before I purchased it......and was very, very impressed with the super-quick delivery! And yes, I did have to pay an additional $130.00 duty, but no big deal. Great product, great company....people at the lake were impressed with it. Thanks,


    Great setup and service

    Very happy with the boat
    Perfect for our fishing outings
    Easy to setup and can access locations and launch from places that standard boats can’t launch from!
    Fast and stable on the water.
    Highly recommended.

    QuickLok Dinghy Launching Wheels (Self-Fitting)