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  • Our unique lightweight landing craft range


  • Our ultra lightweight inflatable tender range


  • Our most portable, long and sleek, inflatable fishing kayak

  • True Kit inflatables are lightweight, stable and fast to set up


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  • portable inflatable dinghy - 6


  • Our carefully selected accessories to match with the Discovery

  • Ready for Discovery Package


  • Useful accessories are bundled in with our Navigator tender

  • The incredibly stable True Kit Navigator can handle people standing up in the boat


  • QuickLok Dinghy Wheels are built strong from marine grade stainless steel




  • removable rod holder - 4


  • Permatrim Performance Foil


  • True Kit Reviews

    Based on 344 reviews
    Premium seat bag update

    The TrueKit team was very responsive and helpful in resolving an issue I had with the bag.

    Hi Joanne, we apologise for the less than acceptable performance of the Premium Seat Bag and will send you a replacement. Regards Rod

    READY FOR DISCOVERY - inflatable catamaran landing craft

    I’ve bought 100s of items online. From Aus and overseas. I’ve never been charged any import taxes. I just never knew it was a thing. When I bought this boat I had to pay nearly $1000 more in tax. Which would have changed my purchase decisions and I would have instead bought locally. Honestly didn’t even know where they were located. Apparently my fault for not going to their ‘shipping’ tab on their website. Anyway the boat seems great. Just makes the experience negative when they could easily include it somewhere clearly as it is quite a large amount.

    Product is fine but True Kit weren’t as transparent around shipping and taxes as they could have been.

    Quickloc (Winter)

    Hi, the wheels seem good, the quality is good, but you could have put ball bearings in there in some way that you can change at regular intervals. Now we have ice on the lake, we've had that for a while, so I haven't tried the wheels in real life if there is any such. After all, I had the honor of paying taxes that surely go towards improving the world, however you now look at what is better. Anyway, best regards.

    Thanks for your review Stefan. In our extensive testing we did test a large number of wheel and friction-reducing systems. We found that sand and ball bearings are not a good combination. The solution we ended up with was the most robust and effective solution. Many thanks

    Quickloc Dinghy Launching Wheels

    The wheels are real easy to put down and retract. My only concern is the tyres on the wheels appear to be retreads.

    Thank you for your kind review. We can assure you that all our tires are sourced brand new tires, we would never use retreads.

    Launching Wheels

    Great add on. Folded up they can't slip out of their bracket. Very well designed

    Thank you for your kind review of our QuickLok Wheel system

    Awesome Service

    Easiest boat I have ever bought and staff were excellent and very helpful.
    Absolutely no problem purchasing from Australia and better than anything I could buy in Australia.

    READY FOR DISCOVERY - inflatable catamaran landing craft
    Bennett Medary
    River likes True Kit even more than we do!

    We love the stability, strength, roominess and light weight of our new True Kit inflatable with 9.9HP LW Merc on the back. Seating, rings and accessories are very well placed and thought out. The landing craft style bow makes it even easier to hop on and off, particularly at the beach. Our dog River thinks it was designed just for her - a perfect place from which to keep watch whilst underway!

    READY FOR DISCOVERY - inflatable catamaran landing craft
    Karl Radonich
    Smooth Purchase and delivery experience Great Quality Product

    A lot of pre purchase investigation went into this order. Buying sight unseen is always a risk. Product has met our expectation. Still in early days. You can follow our experience on YouTube

    True Kit Bimini
    Jay Schleich

    Great addition to our 4m Discovery. quick to set up. Adjustable and solid. Cant wait to put it through its paces on the open water.

    READY FOR DISCOVERY - inflatable catamaran landing craft
    Patric Lundevall
    Great looking boat

    I haven't had the time to use the boat yet, but have assembled and inflated the boat. Compared to the Zodiac Granride MK3, it's a lot lighter, and the inflatable deck is much easier then the zodiacs hard deck to get in place.
    So just from looking at the TrueKit, i think the quality is up at the zodiac level, and looking forward to try out the boat in the water!

    Navigator 3.0

    Very happy with the quality of both build and design. I’m looking forward to many years of fun and service from this tender.
    Highly recommend to of the pile product!!

    READY FOR DISCOVERY - inflatable catamaran landing craft
    Stuart Myles

    Haven't had a chance to use yet,but happy with product & accessories
    Customer service is exceptional.
    Would definitely recommend true kit for consideration if looking at purchasing inflatable boat.

    True Kit Bimini
    Jackie M
    Durable, sturdy Bimini top!

    The Bimini top fits beautifully onto my Discovery 2.8. You can tell that a lot of thought went into its construction and design, as the ropes, cleats, and clips all fit exactly as they are supposed to and create an extremely sturdy top. I’m so glad that I ordered it—it will give me shade and protection on the hottest of days. I mount a solar panel to my 1103 Torqeedo motor and the bimini supports it with no problem. I’ve also tried it in ripping winds—this top holds up great. Highly recommend for an enhanced boating experience.

    Greenline boat owner

    We wanted a tender for our hybrid boat that would run well with an electric outboard. True Kit found me on social media and impressed with innovation and responsive sales support. Our new navigator arrived a week after ordering and was easy to set up and inflate the first time. Looking forward to her taking us ashore.

    Quick lok dingy wheels.

    Quality bit of kit.
    Excellent design. Works flawlessly.

    Received new Navigator and itlooks very nice.

    I haven't had time to test it yet. But it's inflated at hanging there nicely in the davits of my sailboat :-) I'll send you som photoes later. Thanks for good service!

    READY FOR DISCOVERY - inflatable catamaran landing craft
    Raymond Potts
    What a fun boat

    We purchased the True Kit to take along with us when we travel in the motorhome. We live on a lake so we decided to go ahead and use it until we headed out traveling again. What a lot of fun. Our kids and grandkids love it. It draws a crowd wherever we go and people are always asking where we got it. Delivery was amazing as we would have gotten it to Missouri in two weeks had it not be awaiting customs. This is a high quality boat and we couldn't be happier with our purchase.

    READY FOR DISCOVERY - inflatable catamaran landing craft
    Jackie M
    This boat is PERFECTION

    I have taken my Discovery 2.8 (with the Bimini top) out in high winds and choppy waters with 1-2 additional adults on board. We are amazed by the stability of the boat while on the water, as well as when leaving and entering the boat from the water itself or a dock. The boat tolerates rougher waters with ease. My only regret now is not purchasing a larger Discovery—maybe next year ;)

    quicklock kit

    after viewing several.videos and websites on transome wheels from the internet, i narrowed down to 2. true kit and beachmaster. i choose true kit as its just 2 steps action clicking it to the studs and press down. the beach masters have action ..clicking and 4 levers to lock. its abit worrying when comes to drilling and location on the transome, but manage to get around this. mine is made from 1.2mm pvc and total weight is heavy with outboards and equipments, the beach sands where i live is grainy super soft , the wheels digs in. i have no complains about the product and its build quality compared to some others. its abit pricy but worth it.

    Great tender for us and our bikes

    We needed a tender with enough stability and room to get us and our electric bikes to and from shore easily. We just tried our True Kit Navigator 300 and it is perfect for this. It performed well with our Torqeedo Traveler 1003.

    True Kit Discover 4m - My New Baby.

    I was very impressed with the support True Kit gave me during the purchase/after care process. True Kit responded very quickly during the purchase process and once the product arrived I thought the response would be slow, but I was mistaken if anything they were quicker with the response.

    Once I commited to the purchase True Kit were quick to quality control and send the discovery. I have bought online products in the next suburb that took loner than it took for me to receive my Discovery 4m.

    The how to manual and support videos made setting up a breeze and cannot wait to get on the water and show it off. I have not seen this type of boat in the waters I fish but I reckon True Kit will get a lot more orders when I am seen on the water.

    Thank you for a great experience


    Captains package

    Really like the captains package, highly recommend. Great service from Fergus. Made all the difference. Thank you.