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  • catamarans offer a lower drag solution to a deep-v hull (meaning faster, uses less fuel)

  • catamarans are stable, with all the buoyancy and righting moment pushed to the outside, catamarans are incredibly stable platforms for riding in and even standing up in. That’s a plus when you’re getting in and out of your tender.

  • catamarans sit flat - whether it’s on the deck of your yacht, on the boat ramp or on the beach, this makes for ease of handling.

  • catamarans require smaller outboards to propel them, this means your outboard can be lighter, cheaper and more fuel efficient - all big pluses.

  • True Kit cats are lightweight - due to their design (minus a heavy aluminium or fibreglass hull) True Kit inflatables are easy to pull up onto your duckboard or the deck of a yacht.

  • catamarans track and turn well

  • catamarans create less wake than conventional monohulls - this makes them a great solution for coach boats for all sorts of watersports like sailing, rowing, ocean swimming, kayaking

  • catamarans have shallow draft - this makes them great for exploring coastal waters

  • catamarans are quiet on the water - have you ever wondered if that slapping sound of your tinny scares the fish away? Well it does and the fish finders prove it.