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  • March 19, 2024 4 min read

    The Ultimate Yacht Tender: True Kit's Catamaran Advantage

    For yacht owners, the quest for the perfect tender often ends with a note of compromise between stability, capacity, and portability. True Kit Inflatables, however, closes this gap with its innovative catamaran design. At the heart of our tenders' unmatched performance is their exceptional stability, especially noted during the critical moments of boarding or disembarking. This article delves into why True Kit inflatables stand out as the ideal yacht tender, emphasising their unique stability, ease of use, and thoughtful design that caters to every yacht owner's needs.

    Customer Quote: "Really pleased with my True Kit Navigator. Great size, easy to row, very stable & easy to get in and out of. Fits really well on the sugar scoop stern on my 10m Beneteau."

    Steadfast Stability: The Catamaran Advantage

    The catamaran hull design of True Kit inflatables is a game-changer in the tender world. Unlike traditional monohull tenders that often leave passengers teetering and anxious when boarding, True Kit's dual-hull design provides a reassuringly stable platform. This stability is crucial, eliminating the precarious 'tippy' feeling that can make getting into or out of a dinghy a daunting task. Whether you're stepping aboard from the yacht or from the water after a swim, the tender remains steadfast and secure.  As a general rule: Catamaran = stable, Vee-hull = tippy

    True Kits unrivalled stability

    Customer Quote:  "We needed a tender with enough stability and room to get us and our electric bikes to and from shore easily. We just tried our True Kit Navigator 300 and it is perfect for this."

    Board with Confidence

    One of the standout benefits of this stability is the confidence it instills in passengers. From seasoned sailors to first-time guests, everyone appreciates the ease with which they can move. This is especially important in choppy waters or when the tender is heavily loaded. The catamaran design distributes weight evenly, maintaining balance and buoyancy, so passengers can focus on the adventure ahead rather than worrying about their footing.

    Board a True Kit yacht tender with confidence due to the stability

    A Tender Designed for Every Adventure

    True Kit inflatables are not just about getting from point A to B; they're about enhancing your yachting lifestyle. Their stability opens up a world of possibilities, from leisurely excursions to shore to more ambitious activities like fishing, diving, or exploring secluded coves. The inherent stability of the catamaran design means that activities that would normally require careful planning and caution, such as diving operations or loading up with gear, are simpler and safer.

    Standing up in a True Kit Navigator

    Customer Quote:  "Great tender for my trailer sailer, have researched inflatables and waited till I could afford the truekit one. The quality of the product and the efficiency of the delivery met all my expectations. I would recommend truekit to other boaties looking for an inflatable boat."

    Compact without Compromise

    The innovative design of True Kit inflatables extends beyond stability. Their ability to pack down into a manageable size for storage belies their robust functionality. This portability, combined with their stability and generous carrying capacity, positions True Kit inflatables as the go-to choice for yachtsmen who demand the best in every aspect of their tender.  Consider a True Kit if you wish to have your dinghy packed away for long distance travel or for the winter.

    True Kit portability - a boat in a bag

    Customer Quote:  "The boat is easy to use and easy to stow. Works great with outboard motor or oars. No hesitation in recommending True Kit."

    Lightweight Construction: A Boon for Mobility

    Beyond stability, True Kit inflatables boast a lightweight construction that sets them apart. This design consideration is crucial, as it directly impacts the usability and convenience of the tender:

    • Ease of Transport: The lightweight nature of True Kit inflatables makes them effortlessly portable. Whether moving the tender across the beach or from the dock to the water, the reduced strain on the back and arms is a significant advantage.

    • Simplified Launching and Retrieval: Handling the tender is more manageable, making launching and retrieval operations smoother and requiring less physical effort. Whether your tender is hand-hauled onto the deck or lifted up on davits - the lighter it is the easier the job is.  Consider adding a set of our unique removable QuickLok Dinghy wheels to make it even easiest to move your dinghy up the beach or boat ramp.

    • Preservation of Yacht Integrity: The tender’s lightweight design minimises the risk of damage to the yacht when hoisting or storing the tender onboard, ensuring that both the yacht and tender remain in pristine condition.

    The lightest yacht tender - True Kit navigator

    Customer Quote:  "The True Kit Navigator is a great little tender for our small catamaran. We needed something light weight, well built, durable, with sensible, fit for purpose design."

    Superior Materials: The Valmex® Advantage

    At the core of True Kit's exceptional durability and performance is the use of Valmex®, a high-quality fabric manufactured by Mehler Texnologies in Germany. Valmex® is renowned for its robustness, resistance to abrasion, UV stability, and longevity. This premium fabric ensures that True Kit inflatables withstand the rigours of sea life, maintaining their integrity and appearance over time. By choosing Valmex®, True Kit commits to providing a tender that is not only durable but also maintains its aesthetic appeal and functionality year after year.

    Customer Quote:  "The 300 True Kit considerably lighter yet offers more buoyancy than equivalent inflatable tenders - and appears to be much tougher too."

    Thermo-Welded Seams: The Bond That Lasts

    True Kit takes the construction of its inflatables a step further with thermo-welded seams. Unlike traditional glued seams, which can weaken over time due to exposure to elements and stress, thermo-welded seams offer a bond that is four times stronger. This welding process fuses the fabric together, creating a seamless bond that significantly enhances the boat's durability, air retention, and overall structural integrity. Thermo-welded seams ensure that True Kit inflatables are equipped to handle the pressures of maritime adventures without compromise.

    True Kit boats have thermo welded seams and Valmex® fabric

    Embrace the True Kit Experience

    Choosing a True Kit inflatable as your yacht tender means selecting a blend of innovative design, safety, and convenience. The catamaran stability paired with the lightweight construction addresses both the thrill of exploration and the practicalities of yacht tender management. True Kit inflatables invite you to embark on your nautical adventures with confidence, knowing that your tender is not just a tool, but a gateway to new horizons, safeguarded by the thoughtful engineering and design excellence True Kit is known for.  The hard choice is which model to go for? Navigator, Discovery, Tactician or Stowaway?