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July 08, 2020 1 min read

When we come out with a new True Kit design, it typically starts with trying to solve a problem.  How can we make this boat lighter? Can we make it more accessible from the water for swimming and diving? Can we make it perform better?  Can we make it easier to set up and fold down again?  All these ideas go into an initial design and we will make up prototype boats based on various concepts.

True Kit Discovery

We test the boats on the water with various engines and different payloads.  We take the boats out in smooth conditions and rougher conditions.  Seat positions, handle positions, rope grab positions - everything is checked.  Basically we put the boat through its paces in a similar fashion to how one of our customers will use the boats.  A couple of sensors are installed on the boat to check pitch, acceleration, speed and general handling.

Polo the True Kit mascot on our Discovery 

Sometimes we nail it first time, sometimes we need to change something and build another test boat.  Regardless, we are always trying to improve on our already great boats.

New model of True Kit Discovery