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  • December 02, 2022 3 min read

    When we started looking around for a really good set of transom wheels to fit to our True Kit inflatable boats, we were left a bit disappointed.  We found some large wheels that would get over the rocks and sand but would also get in the way of the outboard.  We also found small plastic wheels that wouldn't even look like getting through the sand and would crack and break if they even looked at going over rocks!

    QuickLok Dinghy Wheels on soft sand

    And none of the available wheels had a good system for removing them on and off the transom so at the end of your boating session you could pack your boat away in your car or motorhome.

    So (as we are known to do!) we set out on a year long task of design, testing and development of our own wheels.  These became our world-leading, fully removable QuickLok Dinghy Wheels.

    Our requirements for wheels were:

    1. Must be fully removable from the transom in 5 seconds so the boat can be packed down to the size it would be without wheels

    2. Must have a decent sized pneumatic wheel that would smooth out the bumps and coast through sand and rocks as well as boat ramps and roads

    3. Must not get in the way of the outboard when in the UP position - so many of the "big name" wheels do this and it is not always obvious when you are buying the wheels

    4. Must be built strong and from quality materials that are suitable for marine environments - you would be surprised at how many marine parts are not made from marine grade components

    With that wish list written out and tucked under our arms we set forth on the (longer than we expected!) journey to develop the best transom wheels for inflatable boats.  In fact they became the best transom wheels for all small boats and now are used by many other top dinghy manufacturers.

    We cut, bent, machined parts from aluminium, plastic and stainless steel.  We pulled our True Kit dinghies up and down stairs, over rocks, hard sand and soft sand, in the water and on the road.  No challenge was too tough.  We built them, pulled them apart, re-machined and re-built them again and again as we refined the design.

    QuickLok Dinghy Transom wheels in up position

    Eventually we settled on marine grade stainless steel (known as stainless 316 or A4).  This is known as the premier material for marine components.  It gives a nice balance of strength and corrosion-resistance.  And while more expensive than a plastic equivalent, a stainless component can be much smaller and will last virtually forever.  A 4 stud pattern was created that each wheel base would lock onto with a unique keyhole locking system.  Attaching and detaching the wheels really only takes a couple of seconds each so actually exceeded our brief.   

    QuickLok Dinghy Launching wheels in down position on the sand  

    So now with a set of our QuickLok Dinghy Wheels installed on your True Kit dinghy, you can pull your boat up the beach on your own.  Launching and retrieving is a breeze when you let the wheels do the hard work instead of carrying the boat.  

    We make the QuickLoks inhouse at True Kit so you know that they are built properly and each one individually tested before it leaves our doors!

    QuickLoks in the box ready to ship