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Ray Patrick

What a great looking product,absolutely raptin it,so glad I chose Tru Kit as against my earlier choice of a Taka Kat.
Running in a Yamaha 4 stroke so I am
Unable to know what to expect and how it will get up and plane.I chose right in getting dark grey, especially seeing how much squid ink I have got on it already.
I mounted 2 swivel seats and put a stiffener across both thwarts.
The stiffener is an aluminium tent pole with a tightener fitted each end,two saddles over thwarts with holes for the inner tent poles to push in,works a treat


Ray Patrick

Andrew Lipsett
4M Discovery

The day arrived after about a year researching, ordering, cleaning out the garage to make room and excepting delivery of my 4M Discovery. I live in Kelowna, BC, Canada. There wasn't any duty but had to pay the GST and PST. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I did a couple practise rounds opening it in the garage and packing it away. I did buy a portable battery powered pump to make it less of a cardio experience! The stars (and the weather) aligned 2 days ago and I took it out on the water for a portion of the break in session for the new 9.8hp Tohatsu. Everything work flawlessly (aside from me immediately flooding the motor)! It was 5 degrees Celsius and I left the choke on too long. So it rows very well, lol. Once the motor was going I went out for about 4 hours. Once there is 10 hours on the motor I will be able to see what it will do as far as speed but set up and take down is a piece of cake and having the wheels made it breeze getting the boat, with motor mounted and all my stuff loaded, into the water. I bought an extra seat and the seat bags which were very handy to keep everything from rolling around. It is red, as being visual on our lakes is very important. Lots of boat rentals with inexperienced drivers! The quality is fantastic, tons of handles and the sloped front is super. A friend, who had lost his prescription sunglasses while paddle boarding came out for the last hour and lay on the front with his nose on the water scanning the bottom. No luck, but maybe next time! I am glad the transom is closed (compared to a different brand I was looking at) so the splash back doesn't get me wet, making it an 8 month boat. If I was getting damp that would shorten the season down to 4 months, here in the Okanagan. Excited to get out on all the lakes with my wife, camera and fishing gear!

Christian Quesnel
TrueKit Discovery Fun Times

We are having some amazing times with our Discovery. It arrived in mint condition end of March which was about a week after ordering and we could not resist taking it out on the water's of the Province of Quebec in Canada April 2th which is darn cold (we still have snow) and it has been performing amazingly everyday. Today we took it out April 6th in 2 to 3 foot waves and it is so much fun . Super stable, comfortable. I am only sorry that we did not purchase a True Kit years ago to enjoy our river. Thank you to Fergus for all is help with our purchase (Ready for Discovery package with Navy pack). Sylvie n Christian