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QuickLok Dinghy Launching Wheels

With our new QuickLok Dinghy wheels you have even more freedom than ever.  Freedom to easily move your boat along the beach or down the boat ramp.  Freedom to quickly remove them and pack your boat away.  They are designed to be low profile so they sit in behind your transom and don't interfere with your outboard.

Our QuickLok wheels are manufactured in New Zealand from marine grade stainless steel (316).  What this means for you is they don't corrode.  They have a unique release system that takes literally a second to remove them.  There are no aluminium parts to cause bi-metal corrosion which is a common problem, especially around salt water.

The large 265mm diameter wheels will power over most terrain with ease.  A simple self-locking mechanism keeps them in place whether they are in the up or the down position.  In the unfortunate situation that your dinghy flips upside down with the wheels attached in the on water position, the auto-lock system will prevent them from detaching from the boat.

Each wheel has 4 strong stainless studs that get mounted onto the transom making the wheels clip on and off the transom with a single push of the locking plate.  While our wheels are perfect for a True Kit dinghy, they can be purchased and fitted to nearly any other brand of dinghy (choose self-fitting option).

  • All marine grade stainless steel (316)
  • Unique design by True Kit
  • New Zealand made
  • Lightweight at 2.9kg per wheel
  • High quality pneumatic tire smoothing out the bumps
  • Removable in a couple of seconds
  • Doesn't inhibit the pack down size of your boat
  • Very strong to handle the rougher terrain
  • Low profile - doesn't interfere with your outboard
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Simple reliable up-down mechanism
  • Self locking so won't come off in case of dinghy capsize at sea
  • No aluminium and stainless bi-metal corrosion

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Regina Baker
Navigator 2.5 ticks all the boxes

The True Kit Navigator is a great little tender for our small catamaran. We needed something light weight, well built, durable, with sensible, fit for purpose design. The Navigator 2.5 ticks all our boxes. We can even take it with us when we go inland on caravan trips, its so portable. The QuickLok Dinghy Launching Wheels are a smart addition. They are beautifully made and make handling the dingy with outboard attached, a one person operation. True Kit products are one of the few that actually live up to their marketing claims. So, how does it perform? Being so light she get up and moves with our 6Hp Yammy 2 stroke. Compared to our old Rib though, I noticed some side slip as well as prop cavitation in tight turns but generally performance is brilliant. Excellent build quality, excellent design, excellent customer service, we’re happy sailors. Good job True Kit.

Mitchell Crosley
So easy!

The quick lock dingy wheels are a godsend! I fish the flats for striped bass, and they come in during the outgoing tide. I get to fish much longer because I don’t have to drag the dingy into the launch when the water is gone. I just pop the wheels down and roll it in Love it!

Clive Jones
QuickLok Dinghy wheels

So Easy to fit and operate. Good quality material and finish.