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June 14, 2017 2 min read

The True Kit team are in Bermuda with much of the sailing world, enjoying this exciting America’s Cup and the incredible speeds that these boats get up to.

The development of sailing technology over the last 15 years has been astounding – foiling is definitely here to stay – and I’m sure the amazing advances we’re seeing in Bermuda will eventually trickle down to the boats the rest of us use.

The racing innovations we are witnessing in the Americas Cup will be turning up in faster, lighter pleasure boats that we can all enjoy. My own brand of inflatables is delivering thrilling performance gains thanks to advanced catamaran dynamics that deliver incredible speed for a fraction of the fuel cost. Why settle for a conventional V-hull when a tiny outboard on a True Kit cat will get you planing? Plus the cats are much lighter, easy to pull up the side of a boat and sit flat on the deck.

Sits flat on the water too! I can stand on the tubes of one of my boats and it won’t tip. It’s great for fishing and there’s none of that slapping you get on the side of a tinny to scare the fish off.

The build quality has taken a giant leap forward too, thanks to hi-tech German fabric that’s welded rather than glued together. And of course kiwi designed and made Railblaza fittings are standard.

These boats are so good I give them a 5-year guarantee. Try one as a tender, or for exploring shallow waters. Think about one for a low-wake coach boat that won’t swamp your swimmers, rowers or opti sailors. They’re great for everything.

A True Kit boat has to be one of the best performers you’ll ever see on the water, just like that other kiwi boat cycling across Great Sound.